Citing CCLΒΆ

This code has been released by DESC, although it is still under active development. It is accompanied by a journal paper that describes the development and validation of CCL, which you can find on the arxiv. If you make use of the ideas or software here, please cite that paper and provide a link to the repository You are welcome to re-use the code, which is open source and available under terms consistent with our LICENSE (BSD 3-Clause).

External contributors and DESC members wishing to use CCL for non-DESC projects should consult with the TJP working group conveners, ideally before the work has started, but definitely before any publication or posting of the work to the arXiv.

For free use of the CLASS library, the CLASS developers require that the CLASS paper be cited, CLASS II: Approximation schemes, D. Blas, J. Lesgourgues, T. Tram, arXiv:1104.2933, JCAP 1107 (2011) 034. The CLASS repository can be found in

The CAMB developers have released CAMB under the LGPL license with a few additional restrictions. Please read their LICENSE file for more information.